I lost my dog Moddey on the afternoon of Saturday, January 21st when her collar broke while my young son was walking her. My whole family is very saddened and upset since she has gone missing. Moddey is a white (or very pale apricot) spayed female Miniature Poodle, 11″tall, with a tattoo on her ear that says P12. She was most recently groomed in a lamb clip with multicolored spots temporarily dyed into her fur.
Moddey also has a spay tattoo on her belly that looks kind of like an ahkh. She was wearing a blue tie dye bandanna when she was lost. Her tail is docked with a pompom and the hair on her ears is long.
Moddey was last seen near Domino’s Pizza on FM529 between Greenhouse and Fry Roads. We also received a report that she was seen on the corner of Aspen Trails and Greenhouse road the evening of the 21st.
I am very sad that Moddey is missing, I love her so much. Please, if you have found Moddey, or even seen her running around, please call me so that I can get her back as soon as possible. My numbers are 281-656-8721 or 832-562-8072 or you can reach me via email at averick@comcast.net.

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