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Missing our black and white part pit bull mixed 14 year old dog
Came home from work and she was missing. She has been fixed and is very
gently Her face both sides are black with a white strip down the middle she looks
like an oreo cookie we call her oreo please we want her back

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Spayed Female Cat lost in Conroe TX

Last seen at 131 Arbor Ridge Court, Conroe, 77384. Jacob’s Reserve. Black and white very fluffy tuxedo style cat. Missing since 03/30/2012. Please call Gina LeFavour if you’ve seen her or know where she is.

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Missing Baby Bird

My Macaw (Blue and Gold macaw) accidently flew away June 11 around 7:30pm , while the door was open. I have walking around the streets for 6 days and night but no luck.

He wears a silver bracelet on his leg. He’s about 2 ½ to 3 feet long with his tale. He is blue and yellow in Color and answers to the name “ Rio”

I’m completely shattered and sick looking for him. I cant think straight.
He is our child . Me and my husband are willing to spend watever we can to find him. Please help. I’ve attached his picture
Any help will be appreciated. We are heart broken and totally crushed.

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