When you lose a pet!

When you lose a pet!

Friday, December 30th, 2011

When you lose a family pet, you need to spring into action immediately.  If you have had the animal micro-chipped, alert the company that your pet is missing.

Next, alert the local shelters that the pet is missing and give a good description.  Perhaps your pet has been picked up by animal control and is on its way to the shelter.  Check with them daily.

Now, call all the local veterinary offices/hospitals in your area.  It is possible your pet was injured and brought in by a good Samaritan.

Post your lost pet on this site and let the shelter know a picture and description is available here for them to view.  This is important because the average stay before being “put down” has shortened in recent years.  There are several national “Lost Pet” boards as well.

Make up posters with a large, clear picture of your pet and your contact information.  Let them know more information is also on TexasLostPets.com!  Put these everywhere around your home, pass them out to neighbors and post on the local Wal-Mart bulletin board.

Also, be very careful of scammers wanting to separate you from your money.  They will call you and give you false hope, telling you they have your pet but they have incurred some expenses in the care and treatment of same.  Be sure to meet them in a public place and take several friends.  If they refuse to release your pet, then call the authorities and take down their license plate if they leave.  Because our pets are so important to us, the emotions of finding our lost pet might override good judgement.

There have also been instances where the pets were stolen only to be held for a reward.  Rewards are a judgement call.  Word of mouth reward information to local teens in the neighborhood might get better results in the search but posting a reward can lead to potential problems.

Be careful and I hope this site can assist you in your happy reunion!

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