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Established 01/01/2012, over 39,000 hits since inception. (Today's date 01/17/2013) .. Texas Lost Pets is all about creating successful reunions between Lost Pets and their Human families! The listings are free, and shared on & Please respect the purpose of this site and do not use it to promote personal agendas or products. If you do not see your city listed, please contact us and we will add you as soon as possible. Go ahead and list with the nearest city you find. The mapping feature will locate you. Thank you!

  • Lost Heeler Mix
    Lost Heeler Mix
  • Stolen Dog
    Stolen Dog
  • Found dog
    Found dog
  • Lost Cat
    Lost Cat
  • missing my chihuahua
    missing my chihuahua
  • LOST Doberman
    LOST Doberman
  • Missing Cat
    Missing Cat
  • Found small dog in Mission Bend
    Found small dog in Mission Bend
  • Missing Femal Beagle Mix
    Missing Femal Beagle Mix
  • Found White Puppy
    Found White Puppy
  • Lost Beagle -
    Lost Beagle -
  • dog